Other Funding

Details of Cancer Research UK funding schemes:


The Pioneer Award is a unique funding scheme, from Cancer Research UK, for higher-risk, novel ideas with the potential to be game-changing research projects. It provides funding up to £200,000 over two years and is open to all career stages, including post-doctoral researchers and all disciplines. Visit cruk.org.uk/pioneer-award for more information.

Early Detection
CRUK’s new early detection funding schemes are now open for applications, and are calling for innovative projects and programmes to make progress in this challenging area of research. Early detection research seeks to enable the detection of cancer, or pre-cancerous states, at the earliest possible time point at which an intervention might be made. You can apply for:
· Project Awards
· Programme Awards

Fulbright CRUK Scholar Award
CRUK is partnering with Fulbright Commission to provide funding for UK-based academic researchers to pursue cancer research for 3–12 months at any accredited US higher education institution. The award aims to build capacity and accelerate progress in priority areas in cancer research by facilitating collaboration and building links between UK and US research groups. The proposed work should align with one of the following areas of priority from our research strategy:

· Early detection of cancer

· Brain cancers (adult and paediatric)

· Pancreatic cancer

· Lung cancer

· Oesophageal cancer

For further details and to make an application, visit the Fulbright Commission website.

Breast Cancer Now Pilot Grants:

Apply here

Clinical academic training fellowship scheme (Scottish Government):

This aims to help research-led clinical academics to lead development in their discipline by enabling them to undertake a PhD. Projects must address patient care or healthcare-oriented research, including research into the causes, prevention, diagnosis and management of disease. Fellowships are tenable for up to three years, and must begin no later than January 2017. Funding covers basic personal salary, research costs of up to £30,000 over three years, fees for registration for a PhD, and additional research training costs of up to £2,000. Costs for attending conferences are not funded.
Maximum award: Not known
The call for applications is now closed

Cancer Research Technology funding & research tools: