Scottish Radiotherapy Research Forum: 9th Annual Scientific Meeting

The 9th annual scientific meeting of the Scottish Radiotherapy Research Forum will be held on 3rd June 2021 via the virtual Zoom platform. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together researchers, clinicians, academics and students working in all aspects of radiotherapy to provide a platform for knowledge transfer and networking. We are putting together an outstanding programme of national speakers on a variety of topics within this theme, there will be four oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts. This year's theme will be: THE NEXT GENERATION

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Programme Agenda - Thursday 3rd June 2021
12.30   Welcome & Introduction  Anthony Chalmers (Glasgow)
Session 1: Optimising outcomes for patients with pelvic malignancies
Chair  - Bill Nailon
12.40 Optimising radiotherapy for rectal cancer Sean O'Cathail (Glasgow)
12.55 The impact of MRI in radiotherapy treatment planning for rectal cancer Lynsey Devlin (Glasgow)
13.07 Real-time tracking for dose escalated prostate SBRT Michael Trainer (Edinburgh)
13.19 Overview of PhD findings - Measuring impact of clinical trials Catherine Hanna (Glasgow)
13.31 Impact of treatment delivery time on rectal volume and toxicity during SABR prostate therapy Joanne Mitchell (Edinburgh)
13.40 –
Session 2: Optimising radiotherapy for lung cancer patients
Chair Stephen Harrow
14.00 Improving patient fitness for lung cancer treatment Iain Phillips (Edinburgh)
14.15 Overview of PhD findings - Overcoming hypoxia in lung cancer  Kirsten Laws (Aberdeen)
14.30 Overview of PhD findings - Re-irradiation for lung cancer Rob Rulach (Glasgow)
14.45 Circulating tumour DNA as a biomarker of tumour and normal tissue radiation responses  Angus Killean (Edinburgh)
15.00 - 15.15 Break
Session 3: Proffered papers
Chair Kirsten Laws
15.15 Four oral presentations chosen from submitted abstracts
15.55 - 16.10 Break
Session 4: Optimising radiotherapy for head & neck and brain cancer patients
16.10 Radiomics/ Head and neck cancer David Noble (Edinburgh)
16.25 Radiotherapy dose escalation for patients with high risk oropharyngeal squamous cell cancers (MERINO-2) Laura Grocutt (Glasgow)
16.40 Longitudinal quantification of the impact of brain irradiation on normal brain strcuture and volume Aoife Williamson (Glasgow)
16.55 Closing Remarks
Anthony Chalmers (Glasgow)