Beatson International Cancer Conference 2021

BICC 2021 - The Cartography of Cancer: Mapping Tumours in 3D

Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th July 2021

The Beatson International Cancer Conference is a relaxed and friendly meeting where delegates and invited speakers are encouraged to interact on a scientific basis. In order to accommodate this, our programme includes time for a Q&A at the end of each session of talks .

Aims of the conference

Much of our understanding about the molecular mechanisms of cancer initiation, progression and spread stems from methods that involve the dissociation of tissue and, unfortunately, the loss of spatial information either within the tumour, or in relation to the tumour microenvironment. Recent technological advances are now making it possible to preserve spatial coordinates and still extract functional molecular information. We can now interrogate cancer genetics, metabolism, microenvironment and immunology in space and time with unprecedented breadth and depth. This is underpinned by emerging technologies to address fundamental questions about the cellular and metabolic rewiring that occurs during tumour development, to get a deeper understanding of how these networks are modified by cancer treatment and ultimately help us perform 'the cartography of cancer'.

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