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Meet our scientists and engage with our work

Here at the CRUK Glasgow Centre, our outreach involves interacting with local communities, cancer charity supporters and the next generation of scientists. We bring you closer to our research through a varied engagement programme, including open evenings, work experience events and dedicated laboratory tours – and welcome you to take a look behind the scenes of cancer science.

Open Evenings

Twice a year, we open our doors to up to 200 visitors at the CRUK Beatson Institute. We are keen to share with you our latest research and hear your thoughts on it. Starting with taking you backstage into the laboratories, the evenings are designed to show you the breadth of our work – from basic cancer modelling in cells, through applying advanced imaging technology to find out what is happening in tumours in real-time, to how we develop new drugs in-house. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions about what you have discovered, or what you always wanted to know about cancer and research. If you are more for a hands-on approach, together with our staff, you will be able to have a go at undertaking your own experiment.

Our dedicated open doors event around British Science Week in March, additionally focuses on introducing school children to different job roles at a research institute and in science – and encourages them to think about their future career paths.

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Work experience

In the media, you often see researchers wearing a lab coat and goggles, pipetting coloured liquid into tubes. But what do they really get up to in the lab?

At the beginning of each summer, we demystify the day-to-day life of a scientist. Over the course of one week, we welcome local high school students, aged 16 and over, to the Centre as part of our work experience week. Scientists and PhD students will introduce small groups of students to basic skills and techniques used in a research environment and featuring a variety of hands-on opportunities. Examples of previous activities include:

  • Growing cells in the lab
  • Bioinformatics
  • Molecular imaging
  • Testing anti-cancer drugs
  • Investigating how cells move

What students said about the virtual work experience 2021

“Really learnt a lot and all the different topics discussed have helped me decide that research is the right career path for me. I especially enjoyed the molecular imaging session.”

“It was very informative and we were given a great insight into so many different roles and jobs available to researchers. I enjoyed all of the sessions!”

We also work closely with the Social Mobility Foundation to widen access to students from a range of social, cultural and educational backgrounds. We are delighted to set aside a number of places each year for students supported by this inspiring charity.

Lab tours

Our dedicated CRUK Engagement Manager for Scotland, Sarah Thomas also organises lab tours for individuals or organisations who specifically support Cancer Research UK to find out more about our work and what impact their contributions have had.