The Centre offers a number of 4-year PhD studentships, funded by Cancer Research UK, that are designed to give students an opportunity to complete a PhD in one of its wide range of excellent research labs. These provide students with a generous stipend of £19,000 per year (to cover their living expenses) plus their university matriculation fees and some lab running expenses.

Studentships are open to graduates with a very good degree in a life sciences subject or chemistry, who have an aptitude for experimental work. Students must be from the UK or EU.

The call for applications for students to start in October 2017 is now closed. This year, we appointed 3 students to work on the following projects:


Dr David France, University of Glasgow
Small molecule-induced protein degradation for the prevention of metastasis


Dr David Bryant, University of Glasgow/CRUK Beatson Institute
A molecular mix and match: development and characterisation of 3-Dimensional mini-tissues ex vivo

Dr Vignir Helgason, University of Glasgow
Impact of mitochondrial folate metabolism activity on the sensitivity to methotrexate in leukaemia

Dr Jennifer Morton, CRUK Beatson Institute
Investigating the impact of TGFβ signalling in the pancreatic cancer microenvironment