Current PhD Students

Steven Kay

Small molecule regulators of the p53 interacting kinases (Nick Tomkinson and Blair Johnston, University of Strathclyde)

Vassilis Papalazarou

Bioengineering microenvironments for pancreatic cancer cell invasion (Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez, University of Glasgow and Laura Machesky, CRUK Beatson Institute)

Sarah Memarzadeh

Small molecule-induced protein degradation for the prevention of metastasis (David France, University of Glasgow)

Konstantina Nikolatou

A molecular mix and match: development and characterisation of 3-Dimensional mini-tissues ex vivo (David Bryant, University of Glasgow/CRUK Beatson Institute)

Martha-Maria Zarou

Impact of mitochondrial folate metabolism activity on the sensitivity to methotrexate in leukaemia (Vignir Helgason, University of Glasgow)

Dale Watt

Investigating the impact of TGFβ signalling in the pancreatic cancer microenvironment (Jennifer Morton, CRUK Beatson Institute)