Current Clinical Fellows

These are our current Clinical Research Fellows, with their medical specialty, project title and supervisor(s):

Chara Ntala (Pathology)

Immune profiling of tumour microenvironment in prostate cancer (Hing Leung, Beatson Institute)

Anna Koessinger (Pathology)

Targeting therapeutic cell death in glioblastoma (Stephen Tait, University of Glasgow)

Dominik Koessinger (Neurosurgery)

Investigation into the role of the extracellular matrixinto priming a metastatic niche in primary glioblastoma (Jim Norman, Beatson Institute)

Stephan Dreyer (Surgery)

Targeting defective DNA damage repair with ATR inhibitors in Pancreatic Cancer (Andrew Biankin and David Chang, University of Glasgow)

Greg Naylor (Medical Oncology)

Cancer therapy: How does the apoptosis/necrosis balance affect immunogenicity and therapeutic responses? (Mike Olson, Beatson Institute and Rob Nibbs, University of Glasgow)

Malcolm Farquharson (Gynaecology)

Defining the relationship between homologous recombination deficiency and platinum sensitivity in high-grade serous ovarian cancer (Iain McNeish, University of Glasgow)