High Throughput Screens

About the High Throughput Screening facility

We are based in the Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre building on the Garscube Estate. We offer assistance, on a collaborative basis, to Centre researchers in designing and undertaking high throughput screening projects.

Completed projects

  • Platform development: a high-throughput, lentiviral shRNA array for analysis of 3-dimensional (3D) spheroid formation - Dave Bryant, University of Glasgow
  • Targeting neurotransmitter pathways: identifying novel therapeutics to eradicate CML stem cells - Tessa Holyoake & David Vetrie, University of Glasgow
  • Identification of NIH-approved oncology drug(s) that can overcome acquired TKI-resistance in chronic myeloid leukaemia - Vignir Helgason, University of Glasgow
  • Screening for essential factors shaping the aggressive ESC/iPSC-like prostate cancer subtype - Elke Markert, University of Glasgow
  • Identification of novel therapeutic avenues for pancreatic cancer using oncogene targeting and FDA approved compound libraries - Andrew Biankin, University of Glasgow
  • Identification of novel therapeutic drugs for new combinational therapies - Hing Leung, Beatson Institute
  • Epigenetic modifiers of immunogenicity in ovarian high grade serous carcinoma - Iain McNeish, University of Glasgow
  • Solute Carrier Family (SLC) targeted screen - Oliver Maddocks, University of Glasgow