Preclinical Trials

We offer assistance, on a collaborative basis, to Centre researchers in designing and undertaking preclinical trials.

So that we can understand the goals of your project, its current status and the background information available, please contact Owen Sansom or Jen Morton for assistance in  designing your project.

Contact details

Preclinical trials: Prof Owen Sansom, or Prof Jen Morton,
Biomarker discovery and validation: Concurrent development of biomarkers is encouraged - please contact Fiona Thompson ( for advice on this.

Completed projects

  • Preclinical study of AZD6738 in combination with gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer - Jeff Evans, Beatson Institute
  • Evaluating the therapeutic potential of combined inhibition of ATR and PARP in orthotopic glioblastoma (GBM) xenografts - Anthony Chalmers, University of Glasgow
  • Anti-cancer effect of a serine deficient diet - Karen Vousden & Oliver Maddocks, Beatson Institute
  • Efficacy and PD biomarker validation study with the ROCK inhibitor AT13148 in pancreatic cancer - Mike Olson, Beatson Institute
  • Pre-clinical investigation of combined MDM2 and BET inhibition to eradicate Acute Myeloid Leukemia, AML - Peter Adams, University of Glasgow
  • Efficacy and pharmacodynamic effects of MRCK inhibitor in the DMBA/TPA chemically induced skin cancer model - Mike Olson, Beatson Institute
  • Targeting the ERBB network in PDAC - Daniel Murphy, University of Glasgow
  • Pilot study of [18F]-FZ236 PET imaging in a subcutaneous U87 glioma model - Sally Pimlott, University of Glasgow