Prostate Cancer Team


The subspecialty of Urological Oncology in Glasgow has fast developed into a recognised centre of excellence with a particular track record for the management of prostate cancer.

Since 2007, working within a tripartite partnership between the Beatson Institute, University of Glasgow and NHS GGC, Professor Hing Leung (Prostate Cancer Team Lead: has established world-class research within his lab at the Beatson Institute.

In addition, a National Service on Prostate Cryotherapy has been established in Glasgow, which has been further supported by a CRUK funded UK wide randomised controlled study around patient selection and outcome in patients undergoing this treatment.

An outstanding collaborative network on prostate cancer research is now established. The recently formed Glasgow Prostate Cancer Research Network includes over 10 independent laboratory and clinical research groups in Glasgow and is supported by colleagues in the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, the Beatson Institute, NHS GGC (including the West of Scotland Beatson Cancer Centre), the CRUK Clinical Trials Unit and the West of Scotland Cancer Surveillance Unit Centre for Population and Health Sciences.

The very close collaborative nature of translational research and clinical medicine has resulted in high impact research publications and clinical studies, thus firmly placing prostate cancer translational research in Glasgow at the forefront in the UK and worldwide.

Centre of Excellence for Prostate Cancer


As a team, we have extensive collaborations between different groups within Glasgow and also with external collaborators in the UK and aboard. Our major focus is to learn from cutting edge cancer biology studies to inform and guide us in the development of new therapies that are more effective and less toxic.

Therefore, our key focuses are to:

• Discover important cancer biology in prostate cancer, particularly castrate resistant disease • Test new targets for treatment • Develop and refine novel therapies • Carry out clinical studies to test new agents • Train and nurture clinical and basic science researchers to defeat prostate cancer


Glasgow Prostate Cancer Research Network

Members of the Glasgow Prostate Cancer Research Network include the following researchers:

Professor Hing Leung/Dr Prabs Rajan (University of Glasgow, Beatson Institute) Professors Nigel and Susan Pyne (University of Strathclyde) Professor Simon McKay (University of Strathclyde) Professor Robin Plevin/Dr Andy Paul/Dr Marie Boyd (University of Strathclyde) Professor Laura Machesky (Beatson Institute)  Professor Duncan Graham (University of Strathclyde) Professor Owen Sansom/Dr Imran Ahmad (Beatson Institute) Dr Joanne Edwards (University of Glasgow) Dr Tim Palmer (University of Glasgow) Dr Ian Salt (University of Glasgow) Professor Karen Blyth (Beatson Institute) and Professor Ewan Cameron (University of Glasgow) Dr Michelle Welsh (University of Glasgow) Dr Glenn Burley (University of Strathclyde) Dr Rob Jones (University of Glasgow and West of Scotland Beatson Cancer Centre) Affiliations with: Clinical Urology – Mr Mark Underwood, Professor Hing Leung (NHS GGC) Pathology – Sioban Fraser, Jonathan Salmond and Morag Seywright Stratified Medicine Programme and Pathology – Dr Karin Oien (University of Glasgow and NHS GGC)

SPECTRE clinical trial

SPECTRE (combined SuPpression of cholEsterol bioavailability and androgen deprivation therapy to treat CastraTion Resistant prostatE cancer) is a single arm phase II trial in castration resistant prostate cancer. See here for more details: SPECTRE Clinic Trial Poster

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