Researchers – Get Involved

Talking to people in the local community about the work that you do can be very rewarding as well as broadening your skills and confidence in speaking to different audiences.

It is important that we build loyalty and support for the Centre through helping our local community understand the impact we have on local cancer outcomes, which can be achieved through successful interactions.

We offer a wide range of engagement activities throughout the year where you can represent the Centre. Examples include delivering talks and hosting tours of the laboratories/hospital where you work, attending community events to run interactive science demonstrations, speaking about your work to the media and promoting early detection and healthy lifestyle messaging to specific target groups.

These activities are coordinated by Kirsteen Campbell, Research Engagement Manager. If you are interested in supporting our engagement programme, do get in touch.

Contact details

Kirsteen Campbell, Research Engagement Manager Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute Garscube Estate Switchback Road Bearsden Glasgow G61 1BD Tel: 0141 330 8456 Mob: 07710 996 940 Email: kirsteen.campbell@cancer.org.uk or glasgowcentre@cancer.org.uk

Visiting us

If you're interested in finding out more about the various types of research that we do across the Centre you can arrange a visit. We can accommodate groups of up to 10 people during working hours to the any of the following sites: Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute Cancer Research UK Formulation Unit, University of Strathclyde Centre for Virus Research, University of Glasgow Paul O'Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre, University of Glasgow WestCHEM labs, University of Strathclyde/University of Glasgow For more details email glasgowcentre@cancer.org.uk

Talking about your work

There are many different types of events where we require good science communicators to represent the work of the Centre. This might involve delivering a presentation about your work to a lay audience or running a science demonstration at a public or Cancer Research UK event. Email glasgowcentre@cancer.org.uk for details of forthcoming opportunities.