About Us

The Cancer Research UK Glasgow Centre was established in late 2010 with a vision of bringing together scientists and clinicians to develop the very best in cancer research, drug discovery and patient care. We are focusing our research efforts on the cancers in which we have considerable strengths (Pancreas, Colorectal and Leukaemias) as well as on those where we are building greater expertise (Prostate, Ovarian and Brain). We are developing teams within each of these areas that have input from a number of different disciplines, from basic biology and chemistry through to clinical trials and surgery. We also work with other Centres across the Cancer Research UK network where appropriate.

The Centre encompasses a number of partner organisations and its activities are overseen and coordinated by a Governance Board, chaired by Professor Anna Dominiczak, and a Management Board, chaired by Professor Gareth Inman. More details of our partners and our Governance and Management Boards can be found in the menu bar opposite.

Our Vision & Strategy

The Centre has an ambition to establish the infrastructure necessary to allow each of our cancer teams to develop a stratified medicine programme that will ultimately help to guide the treatment of patients on a much more individual basis. We will use pancreas cancer, where we have particular experience, as the paradigm for this work as we extend it into other cancer types. This investment will provide a critical platform of technical expertise and technology to support teams across the Centre, enabling them to develop and deliver new treatment options for cancer patients. In addition to our research ambitions, we are continuing to promote public engagement, increasing awareness of the work of the Centre and Cancer Research UK in the local community and its relevance to the care of cancer patients. We aim to:

  • Create a world-class research environment to foster synergy between cancer researchers and clinicians, bringing these groups together in a common cause.
  • Build collaborations to most effectively translate our research into new ways to detect and treat cancer.
  • Provide the people of the West of Scotland with cutting-edge cancer treatment in state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Attract and retain the best cancer scientists and clinicians for the West of Scotland.
  • Train the next generation of leaders in cancer research and cancer care.
  • Reach out to our community, including our schools, with information about how to detect, treat and reduce the risk of developing cancer.
  • Actively support Cancer Research UK fundraising and other activities to highlight the impact and relevance of the Centre's work to improving outcomes for cancer patients.

Centre Leads

Professor Andrew Biankin Professor Jeff Evans Professor Owen Sansom

Centre Admin

Dr Jackie Beesley, Centre Manager Mrs Susanne Hendry, Administration