A molecular mix and match: development and characterisation of 3-Dimensional mini-tissues ex vivo

Dr David Bryant (Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow/CRUK Beatson Institute) http://www.beatson.gla.ac.uk/david_bryant
Dr Sara Zanivan (CRUK Beatson Institute)

Cancer is a disease where the rules for tissue organization are no longer followed. During cancer progression, a disorganized primary tumour disrupts organ function, while other cancer cells invade into surrounding tissues and spread to distant organs. Despite tissue disorganization being the commonality between most cancers, much of our knowledge comes from studies focused on a single cell type and using culture methods that lack tissue organization. However, a tissue is a complex collection of various cells types, and it is unclear how these each contributes to cancer progression.

This PhD project aims to:
1. Develop 3-Dimensional co-cultures of epithelial, endothelial, and stromal (fibroblast, adipocyte) cells to determine how these influence ex vivo ‘mini-tissue’ architecture.
2. Develop live-imaging methods to quantitatively track and analyse co-cultures.
3. Develop proteomic methods to interrogate the molecular signals between cell types that promote normal tissue organization, and its loss during tumourigenesis.

This PhD project, joint with the Bryant and Zanivan Labs, will allow the student to develop cutting-edge skill sets in 3-Dimensional culture, proteomics, live imaging, genetic manipulations and computational image analysis – all of which are directed towards understanding that molecular mechanisms of epithelial-endothelial-stromal crosstalk in tissue disorganization and tumour progression.

Keywords: Cancer, Mass spectrometry, Proteomics, Live imaging, Image analysis, Signalling, 3D culture, Co-culture, Epithelia, Fibroblast, Endothelia


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